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What Are We Doing In Response To COVID-19?

The health and safety of our employees and customers is our number one priority. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken a number of steps to help protect both our team and your family by reducing the risk of virus transmission during our service appointments.

To avoid virus transmission, our team will primarily focus on the exterior of your property to ensure that common indicators of pest infestation are not present, only venturing indoors to treat specific pests or conducive conditions found within.

COVID-19 Social Distancing Protocols

To avoid spreading COVID-19, our technicians are now required to follow several additional social distancing protocols while making their regular service visits. These guidelines help reduce virus transmission by eliminating direct face-to-face contact between technicians and customers.

Our social distancing protocols include:

  • Technicians will keep a minimum of 6ft distance from others at all times.

  • When they arrive at your home, technicians will knock on your door to alert you that they have arrived before stepping back several feet from the door to speak to you.

  • Technicians will only come into the office when necessary, such as when picking up supplies, in order to minimize face-to-face interactions that could lead to virus transmission.

For existing residential customers, outside service will remain largely unaffected. These measures are taken primarily to ensure that interior treatments will not put you, your family, or our technicians at risk for contracting COVID-19

Mandatory Protective Measures For Interior Treatments

While the main goal of residential pest control is to form a protective barrier around the perimeter of your home in order to stop pests from gaining entry inside, interior services will sometimes be necessary. Should a technician need to enter your home for treatment, he or she will follow certain safety protocols for both your and their safety.

These protocols include:

  • Technicians must wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times when inside your home or when handling materials that require PPE. This includes a face mask or respirator which must be worn at all times.

  • Technicians must wear disposable gloves at all times while inside your home in accordance with CDC recommendations. Technicians must remove and replace gloves between each service stop.

  • All technicians must wear shoe covers when entering residences.

Updated COVID-19 Employee Safety Protocols

  • Employees will follow CDC’s recommendations and stay home from work should they feel ill or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, or if someone in their house exhibits symptoms.
  • Employees are required to notify management immediately should they feel ill or begin experiencing flu-like symptoms.
  • Employees are required to submit to a temperature check at the customer’s or facility’s request.
  • Employees are expected to wear face masks at all times.
  • Employees are expected to avoid congregating in groups.
  • Only scheduled visitors will be allowed access into the building.
  • Employees should not shake hands with coworkers or customers.
  • Employees must regularly wash their hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds, especially before entering a vehicle or before returning to their desk.

By following these protocols, along with guidelines provided by the CDC and other government agencies, it is our hope that we can protect our employees and the communities we serve as much as possible during this difficult time.

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