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Do They Cause Damage?

The Earwig is an outdoor pest which will occasionally come indoors. The name ‘Earwig’ comes from the mistaken belief that these insects enter the ears of sleeping people and bore into their brain! The pincers can be used defensively but are harmless to humans. They can occasionally damage fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees. 

Do I Have An Infestation?

Earwigs are primarily nocturnal and prefer to hide in areas that are dark and moist. Outdoors they can be found in mulch, under stones and splash blocks, rotting logs, firewood piles and under stored items. They have a varied diet and will feed on live or dead plants. Indoors they are usually found in areas with high moisture like basements and crawl spaces.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

Exterior treatments with specialized, microencapsulated insecticides around the exterior perimeter are effective at reducing numbers. They can also be applied in areas of activity indoors. Reducing moisture levels with dehumidification can help make indoor conditions less hospitable for them.

How Can You Help?

Reduce moisture around the foundation, keep rain gutters clean, reduce leaf litter, keep shrubbery trimmed and reduce ground cover vegetation can make the area around buildings less attractive to earwigs.

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