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Professional Pest Control For Edgemont, PA Properties

Not to be confused with a similar town by the same name in this state, the unincorporated community of Edgemont, PA is a part of the Harrisburg and Carlisle metropolitan area. Located around Dauphin County, Edgemont’s primary claim to fame is centered around its status as a local bedroom community. As Pennsylvania's capital city and surrounding areas continue to grow, so too does the population of this small town. According to the National Census, Edgemont’s semi-suburban living space retains the best of both worlds, attracting growing families, young professionals, and older retirees of all kinds.

Life in Edgemont is more or less picture-perfect, despite its occasional pest infestations. That's where the team at Masters Touch Pest Solutions jumps into action. As a leading industry professional with over 30 years of experience, our knowledgeable technicians have everything it takes to deliver pest relief fast. We use a powerful combination of integrated pest management and heavy-duty treatments, protecting your home with the low toxicity solutions you deserve. Rely on pest management you can trust with your home, family, and wallet. Look to the professional team at Masters Touch Pest Solutions for insect, mammal, or wildlife creature relief.

Home Pest Control In Edgemont, PA

Masters Touch Pest Solutions is proud to be a leading provider of residential pest control treatments for valued Edgemont clients. Our unique approach to management and abatement is developed in three unique pest control plans:

  • Exterior Home Solution
  • Healthy Home Solutions
  • Tick & Mosquito Solution

Inquire about our specialty residential pest control services. Call Masters Touch Pest Solutions at our Edgemont, PA branch.     


Tips To Avoid Mosquito Dangers Around Your Edgemont, PA Property 

a mosquito landing on flowers

Many residents know that mosquitoes are unwanted and unloved pests by all accounts. What they may not know, however, is that mosquitoes are considered to be the most dangerous animal on Earth. This is due to the mosquitoes' ability to spread blood-borne disease. Even here in a first-world country, the threat of bites and contamination remains a serious threat. If you come into contact with a contaminated mosquito vector, you may require immediate medical attention to heal properly. A few of the most common mosquito-borne illnesses include Zika virus, malaria, dengue, tularemia, and encephalitis.

It is impossible to completely avoid all mosquitoes in the Edgemont area. However, there may be some steps you can take to avoid their greatest dangers. Follow these helpful tips:

  • Wear long-sleeved clothing while you are out in the yard. For additional protection, tuck your pants into your socks.
  • Cut back any tall shrubbery, grasses, or trees. This removes harborage zones from your yard, which may be attracting larger populations.
  • Eliminate any pockets of standing water present on your lawn. Fill in any dishes, drain fountains and birdbaths, and ultimately look for moist patches that require drainage.
  • Any areas of water that cannot be drained should be treated with a mosquito larvicide. These unique chemicals will destroy any eggs or larva growing in the water, thereby cutting into the population.
  • Do what you can to limit your time outdoors during the mosquitos' most active hours. This includes early mornings and late evenings when shadows are long and the temperatures are lower.

For additional tips and tricks regarding mosquitoes, call the team at Masters Touch Pest Solutions. We are looking forward to taking your call and helping you with effective mosquito control.

Here's Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Edgemont Home

a house mouse crawling on a plant pot

Concerned that rats or mice could be crawling through your Edgemont home? You are not alone. In fact, rodents are considered the common household pests in North America. If you think or know that these animals could be near your property, you should contact the professionals as soon as possible. Here's why: 

  • Female rodents can produce up to 300 young in their lifetime.
  • Rodents have the capability to spread serious illnesses such as hantavirus, requiring immediate medical attention.
  • Any gaps the size of a quarter can be exploited by mosquitos for material gain.

Your local home or business deserves the protection of Masters Touch Pest Solutions. Submit an online contact form for a rodent inspection as soon as possible, so we can get started on effective rodent control.

Commercial Pest Control In Edgemont, PA

Over 9,000 customers in the Central Pennsylvania area trust Masters Touch Pest Solutions with all commercial pest management, treatment, and follow-up services. After more than 30 years of dedication, we have developed a flawless three-step program that is adaptable to every need:

  1. Initial inspection services scout your property for pests old and new.
  2. Ongoing treatment programs stop pests in their tracks, removing them before they have a chance to spread.
  3. Cyclical follow-up visits ensure that our team gets every last vector – or it’s on us.

Join the Masters Touch Pest Solutions family by calling your local Edgemont branch. One of our representatives will be with you shortly to create a personalized commercial pest control program.


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