You might think that cockroaches will start to appear when they get into your home or that seeing one is an early warning sign. Sadly, this is rarely the case. Most cockroaches don't want to be seen. They hide in darkness, cracks and crevices, and secluded areas. If you see a roach in your West Chester home, it is a sign that you have a severe infestation, which is not good because cockroaches can make you sick. Here are five signs you can find early to prevent sickness and quickly arrest a cockroach infestation.

cockroach in kitchen
cockroach on broom

1. Excrement

Cockroach excrement is black. This waste can be found in many places. If you know where to look, you may be able to uncover evidence that roaches are infesting your home. Check these places first:

  • Under or on the sides of appliances, such as your oven.

  • In the cabinet under your kitchen or bathroom sinks.

  • In between mattresses and box springs.

  • Behind paintings or other wall ornaments.

  • In attic spaces, particularly voids.

  • In basement areas, particularly cracks, crevices and the void of drop down ceilings.

  • On the inside of upholstered furniture.

2. Skins

When cockroaches grow, they shed their skins many times. It is not uncommon for a cockroach to shed its skin as many as thirteen times. These shed skins can be the warning sign you need. Look for them in the places listed above and also in every gap, crack, crevice and seam. Cockroaches like to get into very tight spaces so you may need to use a tool to get into these spaces and bring the evidence to the surface.

3. Casings and Oothecae

The ootheca is the egg case of a cockroach. It can have as many as 50 eggs in it. Most cockroaches deposit their oothecae in hidden, secluded spaces, or in filthy places that are filled with bacteria and rotting organic matter. The German cockroach is a roach species that carries its ootheca with it. You won't see it leaving its egg case lying around, but you might find the empty casing after the eggs have hatched. In either case, casings and egg cases can let you know cockroaches are living in your West Chester home.

4. A Bad Smell or Taste

Cockroaches release pheromones to communicate with other roaches. This pheromone chemical has a scent to it. If you have lots of roaches in your home, you're likely to smell something a little "off" when you go into storage areas or areas that are high in humidity. This pheromone chemical can also cause food to taste bad. If roaches are getting into your pantry or kitchen food-storage areas at night, you may start to notice that things don't taste quite right. If you do, you may have a cockroach infestation. 

5. Sounds

Do you have hard floors in your kitchen or bathroom? If you do, these two areas where roaches prefer to live could offer a clue that you have a cockroach problem. While you won't hear a lot of sound because only one or two bold roaches will come out of hiding to explore these spaces for food, you may hear the subtle tapping of one roach every now and again. Keep in mind that cockroaches don't run across surfaces like you might expect. Their feet don't come down one at a time on the surface and tap against it; they cling to the divots, pours, and imperfections in surfaces as they pass over them. This dampens the sound slightly and makes it more subtle. But, if you have good ears, you may hear light tapping on hard surfaces in the night, if cockroaches are exploring your home.

What To Do When You Detect Cockroaches

These insects are attracted to dirty places and are often born in dirty places. This makes them a health hazard when they explore your food-storage areas, dish cabinets, silverware drawer, and other sensitive areas. At the first sign of cockroaches in your West Chester home, you should reach out to a licensed pest management professional for cockroach remediation.

We're Here For You

Remember that the team at Masters Touch Pest Solutions is standing by to assist you with all of your pest control concerns. We use industry leading strategies to locate and eliminate pests. The methods we apply for cockroaches are effective and targeted. If you have questions, connect with us today. We can answer many queries by email or phone. If more is needed, we can schedule a pest control inspection for your West Chester home. You don't have to live with cockroaches or the sicknesses that cockroaches spread. Get relief today.  


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