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Flour and Grain Beetles

Do They Cause Damage?

As the name implies, these pests infest raw and processed flour and grain products. They can be found on pantry shelves and counter tops near cabinets with infested products. 

Do I Have An Infestation?

Usually the first sign of a problem in finding live or dead insects in the pantry or kitchen. As they can chew through packaging, you may also find the in food products when you open them for use. Some mistake dead beetles for rodent droppings.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

Thorough inspection is required to determine the offending beetle, and the extent and source(s) of the infestation. Any infested materials must be promptly discarded. Treatments can be applied to kill any remaining beetles prior to restocking the pantry.

How Can You Help?

These pests are usually brought into the home in an infested product. Storing flour and grain products in tightly sealed metal, glass or plastic containers can help prevent infestations from spreading. Rotation of stored food products and limiting purchases to a 3-6 month supply can help as well.

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