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Indian Meal Moths

Do They Cause Damage?

The IMM is a serious threat to stored food products (grains, flour and the products made from them). The larva contaminate/damage millions of dollars’ worth of food products every year. In the home, they can run through all the grain based products in the pantry, chewing through cardboard, thin plastic and even foil to access food. 

Do I Have An Infestation?

The first indication of a problem is usually spotting live moths in the kitchen or pantry. You may also find larva walking on the wall or ceiling. The larva will find a place to spin a small cocoon to pupate, which is often at the point where wall and ceiling meet.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

Finding the infested products and discarding them is the first step. We can then apply residual insecticides in the areas where they were active to eliminate the current infestation. The larva can travel into difficult to reach areas like under and behind cabinets to pupate. For this purpose, we have the specialized equipment needed to reach them. Often, more than one application is required.

How Can You Help?

Most IMM problems are brought into the home in an infested food product, although they can come into the home from outside in rare cases.   Bird seed is often infested and should never be stored indoors (store it outdoors in a metal trash can). They can infest nuts, cookies, crackers, flours, and grains, baking mixes, soup mixes, spices, pet foods and treats. Don’t buy more of these types of food then you will use in 6 months and always use the oldest products first.

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