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Meadow Vole

Do They Cause Any Damage?

Meadow voles feed on plants, roots, grains and the bark of shrubs. They can kill small trees and shrubs by girdling (removing all the bark) them. Their foraging runways and burrows damage lawns. 

Do I Have An Infestation?

Usually the first sign of a problem is the foraging runways in the lawn. Runways are a depression, or groove in the soil surface which is often partially covered with grass. Burrows can also be found in mulch beds, under porches, walkways and air conditioners, and along foundations. Areas with dense ground cover such as junipers are a favorite.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

A thorough inspection to determine all active areas is the first step to developing a plan to reduce vole activity. Specialized bait and trap stations can be placed in active runways, and baits can be placed in burrows where it can be done safely. For some infestations we may recommend an ongoing maintenance program.

How Can You Help

Habitat modification is really the only way to help reduce vole activity around your home for the long term. Dense ground cover plants like juniper and pachysandra provide excellent cover for voles. Keeping grass trimmed short next to the foundation can help as well.

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