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Mud Dauber Wasp

Do They Cause Damage?

Mud Daubers are solitary wasp and do not possess the aggressive nest defense trait that social wasps, like Yellow Jackets, do. 

Do I Have An Infestation?

You will typically see the nests being built on exterior walls, porch ceilings and soffits.  The black and yellow mud dauber wasp builds a nest that looks like a clump of mud 2”- 4” in diameter.  The blue mud dauber wasp uses their abandoned nests. The organ pipe mud dauber builds cylindrical nests about 4” long x ½” wide which are open at the bottom end. The nest will often be grouped together, resembling the pipes of an organ.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

We can remove existing nests and treat the area with residual insecticides which may help prevent new wasps from building in the same area.

How Can You Help?

There is not a lot that can be done to prevent Mud Daubers from building. Periodically walking around the exterior looking for them can locate nests when they are smaller.

More Information

Mud Daubers will provision their nest with paralyzed spiders as food for the larva after they hatch. Only one egg is laid in each nest. The larva will spin a cocoon in the nest in fall, overwinter, and pupate in the spring emerging as an adult.

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