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Do They Cause Damage?

They generally do not cause any structural damage. They are omnivorous and will eat whatever they can find including garbage, dead animals, lizards, toads, snakes, bird eggs, berries, mushrooms and cultivated plants.

Do I Have An Infestation?

Opossums are solitary, nocturnal animals. They do not ‘infest’ in large numbers. They are excellent climbers and can access structures that are in disrepair. They typically seek shelter in hollow logs and trees, groundhog burrows, rock crevices or beneath porches and decks. They are nomadic and usually do not stay in the same place more than 2 days.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

If necessary, traps can be installed in an effort to catch the offending Opossum. However it will likely have moved on before traps can be installed.

How Can You Help?

Putting out food for wildlife is a sure way to attract an Opossum to your yard. Keep trash cans covered with tight fitting, secure lids and keep the exterior of the home in good repair.

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