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Pest Control Plans Starting As Low As $25/Month

Have a pest problem that won’t budge? Let us help! Masters Touch Pest Solutions has been offering affordable pest control in Collegeville for over 28 years.


We have used Masters Touch for many years with excellent results. All of the techs, office staff, and owner have been professional and friendly, the price is reasonable, and most importantly.

Pest Control in Collegeville

Having pests in your home is frustrating. It can also be dangerous for the health of you and your loved ones. Instead of sharing your home with these nuisances, depend on our professional pest control in Collegeville. With our team on your side, we will protect your home from a variety of pests, including:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Bees
  • And more!

Affordable Pest Control Plans Starting at $25/Month 

Your needs are unique, which is why we tailor our Collegeville pest control programs to your specific situation. Whether you currently have a pest problem or if you just want to be proactive, we have what you need! Starting at $25/month, our pest control in Collegeville includes:

  • Reactive pest treatments: If you have an infestation, one of our skilled technicians will quickly assess the situation, create your custom treatment plan, and begin treating as soon as possible. Goodbye pests!
  • Proactive pest treatments: No one wants to deal with pests in their home. We will take preventative measures to ensure pests cannot make your home into their own.
  • Eco-friendly pest treatments: We work hard to find products that are effective and easy on the environment. With our Collegeville pest control, you do not have to choose between being pest-free or eco-friendly!
  • Affordable plans: We’re here to solve your pest problems, not break your wallet -- that’s why we offer pest control plans starting at just $25/month.

Coupons that Help You Save Cash

Masters Touch offers many ways for our customers to save on pest control in Collegeville. From saving 10% on your pest control service to receiving $25 off an ant treatment, we offer a few different ways to save. Check out our Collegeville pest control coupons to see how partnering with Masters Touch can save you money!


25+ Years of Experience, No Contracts

As a locally-owned and operated business, we are more than just pest professionals—we are your neighbors. Even after 25+ years in the pest control industry, we understand that being bound to a contract can be suffocating. Here at Masters Touch Pest Solutions, we still offer no contract pest control services after all this time. We will always have your best interest in mind–you can count on it!

Ready for affordable pest control in Collegeville?


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