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End The Fight With Pests!

Looking for relief from pests, but nothing seems to work? Our pest control services in Malvern are guaranteed to deliver lasting results from unwanted pests in no time!

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We have used Masters Touch for many years with excellent results. All of the techs, office staff, and owner have been professional and friendly, the price is reasonable, and most importantly.

Pest Control in Malvern

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We understand that pests can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home — posing a risk to the health and safety of your loved ones. Take back your home from pests with professional targeted treatments. We offer professional pest control in Malvern that will rid your home of pests in no time. Here at Masters Touch, we’ve been partnering with families for over 25 years to give homes the level of protection they desire and the relief they deserve.

Customized Pest Treatments To Meet Your Needs

Here at Masters Touch, we understand that you want a pest control treatment in Malvern that fits your individual needs. That is why we customize our services to be different for each and every customer. No two infestations are equal, so neither are our treatments plants. When you partner with us for pest control in Malvern, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive in-home evaluation to identify current pest infestations
  • A targeted, customizable treatment plan to meet your needs
  • Preventative treatment to keep unwanted pests away
  • Eco-friendly treatment options that are tough on pests but easy on the environment
  • And so much more!

We Get the Job Done Right...The First Time!

We are committed to providing you pest control solutions that last. When you have unwanted pests in your home, you can’t get rid of them fast enough — so why not make sure they stay away for good? All of our Malvern pest control treatment plans are designed specifically to meet the needs of your home. Regardless of whether we are treating a current infestation, or if you want to take preventative measures, we offer effective pest control in Malvern to keep those pests out! We believe in our treatments so much that they are all back with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re not satisfied with our service, we will return to make it right at no additional cost.

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If you are ready to start living a pest-free life, check out our pest control coupons. We offer $50 off our Healthy Home Solution package for our Malvern pest control. 

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Tick & Mosquito Control in Malvern

Here in Malvern, ticks and mosquitoes are all too common thanks to our climate and wooded areas. These pests can be frustrating due to the fact they are capable of causing itchy bites that could transmit viruses. However, you do not have to worry about these threats anymore, because we offer effective tick and mosquito control in Malvern! When you team up with us for our recurring Malvern tick and mosquito treatments, we will:

  • Send a Malvern exterminator to your home to inspect your property to discover where mosquitoes are living and breeding.
  • Suggest preventive measures to keep ticks and mosquitoes away and tips on making your lawn less appealing to them.
  • Drastically reduce the population of ticks and mosquitoes in your lawn.
  • Offer recurring treatments so you can see the results year round.

One-Time Mosquito and Tick Treatments For Special Events

Are you planning on hosting an outdoor party for your friends or family? Do not let your guests get bit up by mosquitoes and ticks! We offer one-time tick and mosquito treatments in Malvern so you and your guests can relax in your yard and not worry about pests. Our one-time treatment noticeably reduces the mosquito population in your lawn and last all day and night for your event!

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Termite Treatments in Malvern

It is no secret that termites cause costly damage to homes each and every year. If you want to protect your home before it gets infested with termites or you want to get rid of an existing invasion, we offer termite treatments in Malvern that are guaranteed to be effective.

Our Malvern termite treatments go like this:

  • One of our local termite exterminators in Malvern will visit your home to thoroughly inspect for signs of termites and their damage.
  • We will apply termiticide in the soil surrounding your home to eliminate termites and their colonies.
  • Termites in every life stage will be destroyed.

A Termite-Free Home - Guaranteed

Here at Masters Touch, we are confident in the work that we do. In fact, we offer a 5-year guarantee on our Malvern termite treatments. If you see termites up to 5 years after we have treated your home, let us know. We will always do whatever it takes to make it right for you. We are all about quality and this is just one of the ways we prove it.

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Rodent Control in Malvern

Rodents can be tough to get out of your home once they have made their way in. For fast and reliable rodent control in Malvern, Masters Touch is here to give you the relief you need. We are committed to providing exceptional service to quickly clear your home of rodents and keep them out for the long run. Because we prioritize offering quality service at a great value, we are offering new customers a $25 voucher to use on our Malvern rodent control services

When you partner with Masters Touch for rodent control in Malvern, you can expect:

  • A thorough inspection of your property to determine where the rodents are nesting and how they are getting in
  • Recurring monthly treatments to keep rodents at bay for good
  • Child- and pet-friendly solutions to keep rodents out

Signs of Rodent Infestations

Rodents use every nook and cranny of your home to their advantage, making them hard to get out. DIY methods can be ineffective, causing your family more frustration as you continue to have to live with rodents. Some indications of a rodent infestation include:

  • Small droppings
  • Teeth marks on food packaging, including pet food
  • Nests made from household materials
  • Damage to wires and other features in your home
  • Strong odor in cracks and crevices

If you notice any of these signs in your home, call the professionals at Masters Touch and see why we are the most effective rodent control company in Malvern!

Trustworthy Service from Local Neighbors

Finding a pest control company in Malvern you can trust is not always as easy as it seems. You can rest assured knowing each Malvern exterminator is committed to delivering friendly service while respecting you and your home. Family owned since 1991, we are committed to treating our clients like family with the perfect combination of quality service and courteous exterminators in Malvern. We take the time to understand your needs and give your home effective pest treatments you can trust. They know Malvern because they live here, too. As a local, family-owned business with over 25 years of experience, you can be assured we are looking out for you and your family — providing effective pest control in Malvern you can count on for years down the road.

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