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Is Your Home Protected from Costly Termites?

We know how scary termites can be to a homeowner. These pests cause billions of dollars of damage each year throughout the United States. At Masters Touch, we provide a variety of treatments to defend and eradicate termite colonies that are making a meal of your home...and your wallet!

Termite Control in Pennsylvania

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The vast majority of termites in our area are subterranean termites. They build their colonies underground and need contact with the soil to survive. In nature, termites have an important job — to break down dead wood. This is great, but not if the wood they find is part of your home! What’s more, termites are notoriously difficult to detect until the damage has been done. Luckily, we have over 25 years of experience and training to identify these pests and create a custom plan that will protect your home for good, including homes in:

Preventative Termite Defense

Springtime is termite swarming season in our little corner of the country, but it is always a great idea to be proactive about these pests with year-round protection through termite treatments in Pennsylvania. Typically, we create a continuous barrier of termiticide in the soil around your home. This allows us to directly target the soil termites need to survive. No matter what kind of termite infestation your home faces, our approach is flexible and customized for your property. Get the peace of mind you deserve with our preventative termite control in Pennsylvania!

Our Termite Control Packages

Healthy Home Solution Plus

Get the ultimate protection against all pests covered by the Health Home Solution plan PLUS subterranean termite monitoring and treatment coverage!Learn More

Guaranteed Protection

If you suspect you may have a termite infestation on your hands, don’t delay. While it is always best to shield your home from termites before they arrive, we also treat homes with current termite infestations. We are so confident in our treatments, we offer up to a 5-year guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your home is protected. Experience the difference with the best termite control in Pennsylvania today.

Worried About Termites?

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