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Get a Free Quote for Wildlife Control in Downingtown

Whether it is squirrels in your attic or groundhogs under the shed, Masters Touch is here to help! We offer humane removal of a variety of wildlife pests to help keep your home critter-free. Call today at 610-269-3000 to get a free quote for our Downington wildlife control services!


Wildlife Control in Pennsylvania

Squirrel in the grass holding a nut.

While squishing the occasional gnat or spider in your home is often no big deal, many homeowners do not even know where to begin when their home invader has fur, feathers, or a full set of teeth. When it comes to wildlife removal, why not leave it to the experts? 

Our Downingtown wildlife removal services are designed to make ridding your home of unwanted critters easy and stress-free, so you can get back to living in your wildlife-free home. When you partner with us for your Pennsylvania wildlife control services, you can expect:

A Comprehensive Inspection

One of our skilled wildlife removal specialists will inspect your property to identify what kinds of critters have invaded your home. We look for areas that have already been damaged, as well as areas that have the potential to draw in wildlife in the future to make sure we can address the problem on all fronts. Our Downingtown wildlife removal experts provide the exclusion and elimination of nuisance wildlife such as:

  • Moles and voles

  • Snakes

  • Deer

  • Chipmunks 

    Please note, our team will not remove cats and dogs. If you are having issues with cats and dogs on your property, please call your local animal control for more information. 


    A Specially Tailored Solution

    The next step after our thorough inspection is creating a custom plan to evict the intruders from your home for good. By combining our expertise with your home's unique needs, we are able to customize our plan of attack to maximize results. 

    Snake Repellent Services

    Our area is home to 21 different species of snakes—three of them are venomous. While there are certainly DIY methods for capturing snakes, call the professional wildlife control technicians at Masters Touch today at 610-269-3000.

    Timber Rattlesnake

    The timber rattlesnake is one of the three venomous species in Pennsylvania. You can find this snake near rock outcroppings and ledges in forests across the state. You can tell the timber rattlesnake by its characteristics: 

    • Two distinct color patterns of yellow and black

    • V-shaped color bands

    • A large, flat, and triangular head

    Sadly, while venomous, this species will possibly be listed as threatened. 

    Northern Copperhead

    Like its southern cousin, the northern copperhead is also a venomous snake that can be aggressive in self-defense. You can find the northern copperhead alongside the timber rattlesnake, near rocks and ledges in forests. However, the northern copperhead has a few different defining characteristics: 

    • Light tan to gray-brown coloring

    • Wide, darker brown or red-brown bands that are broader along the sides an narrower on the back

    • A large, flat, and triangular head

    • Young copperheads have a bright green tail

    The northern copperhead may also possibly be added to the threatened species list. 


    Deer Repellent Services

    Deers can present many challenges for homeowners. As year-round foragers, your garden and flower beds can become an all-you-can-eat buffet. Quickly, deer can kill your plants up to 6 inches high! For more information about our deer repellent services, call our team at 610-269-3000 today.


    Not in Downingtown? We Can Still Help!

    For over 25 years, we have offered the best wildlife control in Pennsylvania. Our experience paired with our qualified wildlife control technicians is the key to a critter-free home! 

    We are proud to deliver exceptional wildlife control near you in: 

    Is your neighborhood not listed above? No worries! Give us a call today at 610-269-3000 to see if we can service your home.

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