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Perhaps no other pest found in homes invokes the same kind of fear and loathing as spiders. From the time we are kids, we are taught that spiders are scary, creepy and evil. Spiders are actually beneficial. 

Everyone is familiar with the two spider species that are potentially harmful to humans, the Black Widow and Brown Recluse. While both species can be found in Southeastern Pennsylvania, actually coming in contact with them is VERY rare.

Our two most common species are the small Grey House Spider and the much larger, furry and intimidating Wolf Spider. Both tend to migrate into homes in the fall as the weather begins to cool. Exterior treatment prior to this fall migration can be helpful. Sealing cracks and holes, keeping grass trimmed and removing leaf litter and other harborage points will also help reduce populations.

We provide general pest control including Spider extermination services to customers in Chester County, PA, The Main Line, Western Delaware County and Western Montgomery County.

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