Indian meal moths have elongated, oval-shaped bodies and gray and brown wings growing less than an inch long. At first glance, many homeowners can identify an Indian meal moth, or pantry moth, by the distinct zig-zag pattern that they like to fly in.

Indian meal moths are nuisance pests – not only do they contaminate your favorite foods, but they’ll infest pantry and stored food items with their larvae. Once they’re inside, pantry moths aren’t always an easy fix. Here’s what West Chester homeowners should know about how Indian meal moths get into their food to begin with, how to prevent them, and what to do if your cupboard or pantry is currently suffering from an Indian meal moth problem.

indian meal moth on wooden board
indian meal moth on flour

How Do Pantry Moths Get Inside Your Food In West Chester, PA?

For many homeowners, pantry moths may seem like they appear out of thin air – but there are a couple of different ways that Indian meal moths may get inside your home and infest your pantry.

One common way that pantry moths invade your home is by flying in. These moths are on a mission to lay their eggs, so they’ll use open doors and windows to fly inside if they can. Openings near cables, plumbing lines, or even dryer vents can also serve as potential entrances for pantry moths. Indian meal moths have a keen sense of smell, so it’s not difficult for them to find your favorite food items and begin laying their eggs.

Another way that Indian meal moths get in your home is by coming in through packaged and contaminated food. When you purchase groceries from the store or buy something from a warehouse, it’s possible that pantry moths may have already infested the packaging – which is why it’s important to inspect food before buying it.

How To Prevent Pantry Moths In West Chester, PA

Because they may enter your home in numerous ways, pantry moths can be tricky to control – but there are a couple of ways you can help prevent them, including:

  • Seal cracks in your pantry or cupboards: Before they infest your food, Indian meal moths need access to your pantry, and they’ll often use tiny cracks and crevices to do so. Sealing off gaps or cracks with a sealant can be a great way to prevent access. When you’re not using your pantry or cupboards, it’s a good idea to keep cabinet doors closed.

  • Get rid of exterior entry points: Just like you need to seal off access to your cupboards, you’ll want to prevent pantry moths from even getting into your home. Be sure to keep windows and doors completely closed, gaps or cracks in the foundation of your home sealed off, and check door and window screens for rips and tears that pantry moths may be able to fly through.

  • Examine packaged food and grocery items: While packaged food may look perfectly fine when you purchase it at the store, a pantry moth infestation could be lurking inside, so it’s important to inspect any groceries you buy. The signs of Indian meal moths are subtle, but you’ll want to look for cereal and flour products that emit an unpleasant odor, webbing stuck to the side of packages, and sticky secretions that make grain products clump together.

  • Get rid of food crumbs: Food crumbs and scraps may draw pantry moths in, so vacuuming or performing a deep clean of your cabinets and pantry can ensure there’s little to no food residue left out in the open.

These tips will help you minimize your risk of attracting pantry moths but they may not be enough to get rid of an existing problem.

The Most Effective Way To Deal With Pantry Moths In West Chester, PA

Whether you’re dealing with adult Indian meal moths that are flying around your home or you’ve found their larvae in your favorite cereal, the most effective solution to deal with a pantry moth infestation is a professional one. That’s where the personal touch of Masters Touch Pest Solutions can come in.

Not only will we eliminate your pantry moth problem, but if the infestation reoccurs in between our regularly scheduled visits, we’ll come back at no additional charge. If you think you’ve got an Indian meal moth infestation in your West Chester home, there’s no time to wait – contact us at Masters Touch Pest Solutions for more advice on how we can help.


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