When cockroaches get into West Chester homes, residents often turn to home remedies for cockroaches. The reason residents trust their roach control to home remedies is that they think that cockroaches are just a nuisance. We're here to tell you that roaches are definitely more than nuisance pests.

If you see signs of cockroach infestation in your home, we strongly recommend that you take action to effectively control these dirty insects. Read on to learn about cockroaches in West Chester, what threats they present, and what to do if you find a cockroach in your house.

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What Type Of Cockroaches Are In West Chester?

There are several cockroach species in our area. The roaches that we find most often in West Chester homes and businesses are German cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, American cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, and wood roaches. Of these, German cockroaches are the worst because they are the most common cockroach pests in the world. They are so strongly associated with human dwellings that there is no known population of wild German cockroaches.

The roaches that present the least amount of threat are wood roaches since they don't do well indoors and they don't stick around long if they get inside. Cockroach identification can help to determine the health threat and also provide essential data for selecting the right treatment plan.

Are Cockroaches Damaging Pests?

When roaches get into a home, they can start to cause damage. Roaches feed on wallpaper, particularly if it is moist. They'll feed on items in storage, such as fabrics and furniture, and create holes in them. They'll chew holes in cardboard boxes and as they investigate the items inside those boxes, they contaminate the items with their feces.

Do Cockroaches In West Chester Affect Your Health?

Certain species can impact your health. This is another reason for proper cockroach identification. As an example, Oriental cockroaches are particularly filthy insects. They lay their eggs in gelatinous decaying organic matter and are so drawn to stinky things that they usually don't infest homes. They infest garbage cans, dumpsters, and sewers. If you find a cockroach in your house and it is entirely black, you have a serious health concern because that roach is an Oriental cockroach.

In general, all pest roaches spread diseases. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) asserts that pest roaches spread 33 kinds of bacteria, including salmonella and E. coli. They have been found picking up at least six parasitic worms, including hookworms. They are associated with at least seven other kinds of human pathogens. And, if all this isn't enough, roach infestations increase hospitalizations for asthma-related symptoms.

Are Cockroaches In West Chester Difficult To Control?

Yes. They are most definitely difficult to control. If you see signs of cockroach infestation in your home, we don't recommend treating roaches yourself—and we don't just mean the use of home remedies for cockroaches. Cockroach sprays, baits, dusts, and other over-the-counter cockroach control products often fail because roaches have natural behavior patterns and adaptive abilities that protect them from conventional treatments.

Do you know that a cockroach nymph that is exposed to a toxic chemical, and survives, is able to shed its skin and develop a new skin that gives it even more protection from that chemical? Do you know that some German cockroach populations are born with protection from certain cockroach control products because of this adaptive ability? Yup. Roaches are resilient and robust insects that are difficult to exterminate.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In West Chester

In light of the ways roaches can damage property and impact your health (and considering how difficult roaches are to control), it makes sense to invest in professional cockroach pest control when you discover cockroaches in your home. Professionals stay up to date on data related to control products and methods for addressing cockroach infestations. A professional will also be able to properly identify the cockroach species that is infesting your home. They use this knowledge to select an appropriate residential pest control treatment plan, and they use field-tested methods to inspect and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan selected.

Are You In West Chester?

If you're in West Chester, you're in our service area. Reach out to Masters Touch Pest Solutions for industry-leading cockroach pest control. The methods we use are known to work and we perform inspections to make sure no roaches remain in your home or business after the treatments are concluded. Cockroaches can be destructive pests, and their presence in your home is likely to lead to illness of some kind. Take immediate action and invest in effective pest control to address your cockroach infestation. Don't trust home remedies. Those are for nuisance pests. Cockroaches are far more than a nuisance in West Chester homes and businesses.


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