Pests are bad for business. They make your employees uncomfortable and reduce morale. They make your customers uncomfortable and create a long list of problems, not the least of which is a poor rating on internet resources. Certain pests increase employee absenteeism due to illness and present a health hazard for your customers. But, mostly, pests are just perceived as a sign that a business isn't being run well, even though this is often far from the case. It is difficult to fix a bad first impression. Let's take a look at how you can get on top of pest problems in West Chester and make your first impression the best it can be.  

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What Are Some Signs Of Pests In Your Office Building?

The most obvious sign of a pest problem is the appearance of pests in your office spaces, but this isn't really the best way to discover a pest problem. It is much better to catch pests before they appear. Here are a few examples of warning signs.

  • Spider webs let you know that spiders are around. Those webs also let you know that you have other pests problems. Spiders don't make webs where food cannot be found.
  • Many pests leave droppings. If you do routine inspections in secluded spaces, both inside and outside, you can catch pest activity early.
  • Some pests make noises in walls. If you hear scratching, crunching, or bumping, it is likely that you have an issue.

Routine inspections are key to reducing pest activity and dealing with pest problems early. You can do these inspections or have a trained professional perform inspections for you.

Is Pest Control Important For Offices?

This is a legitimate question to consider. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that restaurant pest control is essential, but what about office space pest control? While you don't serve food to the general public, it is likely that you have a breakroom. If pests get into this space, it can impact your employees. But, the greater issue is the perception that pests create. We mentioned it above. As an example of this issue, if you have birds living in your eaves, the damage they cause and the droppings they produce can make your business appear run down. When customers sit in your waiting room, flies, roaches, stink bugs, and other insects can make them uneasy and give them the impression that they are in an environment that is not well maintained. They don't consider the many factors that can create pest problems for businesses which are well maintained. This is why quality commercial pest control is so important. It helps you put forth the image you want to put forth and creates a welcoming environment for customers and employees.   

Three Pest Control Tips For Your Office Building

There are many ways you and your staff can guard against pest problems. Here are our three best examples.

  1. Manage trash appropriately. When food items are put in waste paper baskets, pests can smell the food and enter your business in droves. Empty trash every evening or have employees deposit food items in covered containers.
  2. Many pests get inside your business simply because they can. If you take steps to seal gaps, cracks, holes, and recesses in your exterior, it will go a long way toward keeping pests out.
  3. Many pests are attracted to clutter. It is particularly important to maintain a clutter-free environment around the exterior of your office space. Remove stacked wood, dead branches, man-made objects, rock piles, leaves, and other objects pests can hide inside or underneath.

When you add commercial pest control services on top of practical pest maintenance, you get the best possible protection from pests.

Office & Commercial Property Pest Control Services

Whether you own the building you're in or you rent the space, you can benefit from commercial pest control services. The services provided by a commercial specialist provide protection on the outside and inside of commercial structures. Ongoing pest management is needed to keep control of rats and mice, overwintering pests, pantry pests, ants, cockroaches, birds, and many other common commercial pests. 

If you need pest control in West Chester, keep Master's Touch Pest Solutions in mind. We offer industry-leading commercial and residential pest control in West Chester and the surrounding area. If you're looking for the best commercial pest control company in West Chester, we hope to show you that you've found it. We go the extra mile, work hard, and offer field-tested solutions to manage pest pressures. Connect with us today to learn more. 


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