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Do They Cause Damage?

Woodpecker damage to structures can be placed into the two categories below. 

Feeding Damage- Occurs as woodpeckers make an effort to feed on insects including Carpenter Bees and their larva. Damage usually appears as a series of small holes in a line.  Typical areas include fascia boards, rake boards, soffits, deck railings and joists.

Nesting Damage- Occurs as woodpeckers attempt to construct a nest. On wood sided homes they may make several exploratory attempts (often on or near corners, and on siding, usually where the siding overlaps) before they succeed by making a round hole about 1.5”-2” in diameter.

Do I Have An Infestation?

Woodpeckers are usually heard before they are seen. You may see damage in the areas mentioned above, or you may find insulation on the ground next to the home below their nest site.

What Can Masters Touch Do?

If they are feeding on Carpenter Bees or other insects we can apply treatments to eliminate those pests. If nesting is the cause, openings can be sealed or exclusion devices installed, and various frightening devices can be installed to repel the woodpeckers.

How Can You Help?

Keep the exterior of the home in good repair. More woodpecker calls seem to come from homes with weathered or stained exterior siding than those that are painted. Promptly address any Carpenter Bee or other insect activity on the exterior.

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