Nobody wants creepy spiders in their home, but how do West Chester residents combat these pests? Here's what local residents should know about which types of spiders live in West Chester, why spiders are a year-round problem, how to prevent spiders, and how pest control in West Chester can help you get rid of spiders for good.

a daddy longlegs spider on a window
a wolf spider on a carpet

What Spiders Live In West Chester?

Several types of spiders may invade your West Chester home, including:

  • House spiders: House spiders can come in various sizes and may sometimes be mistaken for brown recluse spiders, but house spiders have dark stripes on their legs that differentiate them from the more dangerous brown recluse.

  • Daddy longlegs spiders: These long-legged spiders prefer to spend their time in dark, damp places like basements and cellars. 

  • Wolf spiders: Wolf spiders may be intimidating, large, and scary, but they're not a danger to people. They don't build webs but prefer to hunt their prey on the run. 

  • Orb weaver spiders: You can often identify orb weaver spiders by their oddly-shaped webs. 

  • Black widow spiders: Black widow spiders are the most venomous spiders in the country and are extremely dangerous to have in your West Chester home. You can recognize them by the red hour glass mark on the bottom of their abdomens. 

  • Brown recluse spiders: Brown recluse spiders may look harmless with violin-shaped marks on their cephalothorax, but this is far from accurate.

Of the spiders on this list, only two pose a medical threat to humans - the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. If you think you've been bitten by one of these two, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Why Spiders Are A Year-Round Problem For Homeowners

Some pests may only invade your home in the summer or winter, but spiders are a year-round problem for homeowners. Unlike cockroaches or rodents, which may enter your home because they're looking for shelter and warmth, spiders only enter homes for one reason: because they're looking for food.

That said, spiders have no interest in eating what's on your plate. Instead they enter in search of insects and other bugs that may be in your home. For this reason, spider infestations tend to happen in West Chester homes that already have existing pest issues, like ant or fly infestations. Of course, spiders can also enter your home without meaning to. You may bring in yard debris or a potted plant that a spider is using to hide inside, but this is less likely to cause a full-blown infestation.

Spider Prevention Tips For Every Season

Whether you're trying to combat spiders in the winter, summer, fall, or spring, here are some quick prevention tips to help you keep spiders away all year-round:

  • Keep away pest prey that spiders like to eat by storing your food in a sanitary way, cleaning up after spills and meals, and keeping a tight lid on your garbage cans.

  • Deal with drainage or moisture issues on your property, like obstructed gutters, standing water, or leaky pipes.

  • Use a sealant like caulk or expanding foam to seal off any cracks or crevices around your home.

  • Don't leave unscreened doors and windows open during the day or night, even in the summertime.

  • Keep areas of your home organized and free of clutter to avoid giving spiders a hiding spot.

  • When you use firewood, always inspect the wood for signs of spiders before bringing it or other yard debris inside.

The best spider prevention includes taking steps to protect your home against spiders and their pest prey throughout the entire year, not just during the peak seasons.

Why Call Masters Touch Pest Solutions For Professional Spider Control

While you can take the steps above to prevent spiders, these tips aren't always enough to completely keep spiders out - especially if your home already has a spider infestation. That's where working with Masters Touch Pest Solutions can make all the difference. Whether you're dealing with harmless house spiders in the kitchen or dangerous black widows in the cellar, our experienced home pest control professionals can completely eliminate spiders from your home as well as provide ongoing service to keep them away through every season.

If you have been finding a few too many spiders in your West Chester home or suspect that you may have a dangerous species on your property, we're only a call away. Contact us today at Masters Touch Pest Solutions to learn more about total spider control or schedule an inspection of your property.


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